How to Wear Mustard Yellow to Work

Hello beauties! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! One of my little girls is battling the flu so that seems to have spread as your girl is a little under the weather.  I’m glad it’s a long weekend so I can get some rest in.  What do you have planned?? Anyhoo, check out today’s super effortless post showing you how to style mustard yellow for work.

How to Style Mustard Yellow for Work:

Pair with Black or Earth Tones:

  • Because mustard yellow already stands out, you can balance it out with black or earth tones like brown or olive green
  • Think: a mustard yellow top with a black pencil skirt like the one I’m rocking or black pants or even a black dress 
  • When I say a black dress, think: pairing a yellow top under a sleeveless black dress so the dress becomes a jumper or opting for mustard yellow shoes for some oomph!

Pair with Leopard Prints:

  • Mustard yellow looks amazing when paired with animal prints
  • In this post, I opted for leopard print shoes
  • You have options! Shoes, your bag, even a leopard print skirt! Pair with anything that has a leopard print and you can’t go wrong, girl


  • So for the black skirt look, I paired a short sleeve mustard yellow sweater with a yellow top!
  • What’s funny is I bought that at different times and it just worked out that they were very close shades so some folks actually don’t realize it’s a layered look
  • You don’t have to layer yellow over yellow, experiment with other colors

Pair with a Pop of Color or Colorful Prints:

  • If you’re looking to try something new and very bold, try pairing with another primary color like red or even blue
  • For this look, I paired with a burgundy skirt
  • Don’t be afraid to also pair with prints! Think floral prints with those complementary colors

Photos by Oscar Merrida

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Blouse: sold out on; similar here and here | Sweater: sold out via; similar here  | Skirt: old via; similar: here and here | Shoes: sold out via; similar here and here | Tights:; similar here and here | Belt: old via; similar: here and here.