Cute Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Hey what’s up, what’s up, what’s up?! Hope you’re staying safe out there. How can Thanksgiving be here, already, it’s crazy! Can’t believe it’s that time to share cute Thanksgiving outfit ideas. With everything going on, Thanksgiving may feel different for most of us. One of my girlfriends told me today she let her mom […]

Cute and Comfy Thanksgiving Outfit Options that Wow

Hello beauties.  Can you believe thanksgiving is next week?! Crazy, right?! Are you ready? You hosting and cooking? Or are you going to be a guest at someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner gathering? Either way, I hope you’ve got your assigned dishes figured out.  Even if it’s a pickup, you know?! lol Who said everything has […]

What to wear for Thanksgiving

Hello beauties.  Christmas and Easter are my favorite holidays but I love Thanksgiving too. It’s a time for me to indulge in treats like Pumpkin pie, Mac n’ Cheese and stuffing, to name a few! The Thanksgiving Style series I started last week continues with today’s post.  Given what I said above about indulging, wearing […]