Cute Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas


Hey what’s up, what’s up, what’s up?! Hope you’re staying safe out there. How can Thanksgiving be here, already, it’s crazy! Can’t believe it’s that time to share cute Thanksgiving outfit ideas. With everything going on, Thanksgiving may feel different for most of us. One of my girlfriends told me today she let her mom know that she won’t be coming home for Thanksgiving like she normally does. I hope you stay safe and wish you a healthy season.

While Thanksgiving may not look and feel the same this year, one thing that won’t change is that cute and comfy always wins. I love to eat and I like dressing with my waistline in mind. Nod if you agree lol The goal is to always allow enough room by opting for loose, free, elasticized waist options so you can be cute and are able to eat as comfortably as possible.

Here are some Cute and Comfy Outfit Ideas

Loungewear Sets

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Leggings and a Cute Top, Sweater or Dress

  • Leggings are perfect because they can hide a lot lol
  • You can pair with anything from a cute top to an oversized sweater


  • You can’t go wrong with jeans because they’re pretty much the most versatile clothing item on the planet!
  • Opt for a high waisted pair and preferably, a stretchy pair.
  • You can then pair with everything from a button down pajama style top to a plaid shirt, cute sweatshirt, dressy top, to a sweater.

Cute Flowy or Loose Dresses

  • Smock dresses, t-shirt, swing or shirt dresses are great because they help conceal so you don’t have to worry when indulging lol
  • You can also get creative and pair with sleeveless sweaters, dusters or vests to add a cute layer.
  • Also, you can throw the dress on over jeans or leggings too.

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A Comfy Jumpsuit

  • Jumpsuits are indeed adult onesies and we know how comfy babies find them!
  • Opt for a nice flowy kind so you can feel at ease.

Sweater Dresses

  • Sweater dresses are great because they can put you in a slightly dressed up mood.
  • You don’t have to opt for a fitted style. You can go for silhouettes that are less restrictive.
  • Check out more sweater dress options here.
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Wide Leg Pants

  • Wide leg pants, culottes…These are also a good options.
  • If the waist is elastic, even better! More room to breathe, ladies!
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What do you typically wear for Thanksgiving? Please share in the comments below. As always, don’t be a stranger! Thanks so much for stopping by. Check out more posts here. Stay safe and fabulous out there.