What to wear for Thanksgiving

What to wear for Thanksgiving

Hello beauties.  Christmas and Easter are my favorite holidays but I love Thanksgiving too. It’s a time for me to indulge in treats like Pumpkin pie, Mac n’ Cheese and stuffing, to name a few!

The Thanksgiving Style series I started last week continues with today’s post.  Given what I said above about indulging, wearing comfortable clothes is key to an enjoyable Thanksgiving experience:-) I like outfits that aren’t tight in the waist area so my tummy isn’t constrained lol.  All for the good cause of being comfy as I indulge in all that comfort food (even if in moderation).

Here are a couple of options for you to consider if you’re of the same school of thought when it comes to how you pick out your thanksgiving outfit.  Details are below.  Would love to hear from you! What do you prefer to wear for thanksgiving? Loose dress? Jeans? Leggings? Other?

Thanks for dropping by! Don’t be a stranger, xoxo.

Details (Clockwise):

  1. Sheath Dress: Mustard dress; Olive dress; Shoes; Necklace
  2. Sweater & Leggings: Ring; Sweater; Pants; Shooties; Bracelet
  3. Pull on Skirt: Leopard print; RingCaramel;Tall boots
  4. Stretchy Jeans: Jeans; Dress; NecklaceBooties