#MondayMotivation: Kenzo Takada Quote

Hello beauties.  Hope you had a great Christmas weekend! What did you do? In addition to resting, I watched a bunch of sappy, Hallmark holiday movies and caught some of the Christmas day NBA basketball games.  We also took the girls to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and I was surprised that […]

#MondayMotivation / #MotivationMonday = Coco Chanel Fashion Quote

Hello beauties.  How goes it?! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was fast and furious as always.  Quick recap before I get to today’s Motivation Quote.  Took the girls to see Santa and it was drama-free lol  Wasn’t sure how Demi, the younger one would react but it was all good. Also trying to […]

#MotivationMonday Quote = Emma Watson

Hello beauties.  For those of you in the U.S., hope you had a lovely thanksgiving weekend! I tried to get some rest (key word=”tried” 🙂 Really enjoyed spending time with my family and I finally got to see “Spectre,” the not-so-new James Bond flick (Side note: I’m a HUGE James Bond fan). Sales-wise, I didn’t […]

#MotivationMonday Quote = Michelle Obama

Hello beauties.  What’s not to love about FLOTUS, Michelle Obama! From that inaugural ball back in 2008 ’til now, people love to hate on her and some of her style choices.  Well, I happen to love the fact that she has set herself apart from other first ladies and has been daring with her looks. […]

#MondayMotivation=Michael Kors Fashion Quote

Hello beauties.  Hope you had a great weekend! I spent mine with family and enjoyed a playground outing with my daughters + 2 nephews. Today’s Monday Motivation quote is by none other than beloved American designer: Mr. Michael Kors.  Accessories definitely had a final touch to any outfit.  If you’re up for a challenge, would love […]