#MondayMotivation / #MotivationMonday = Coco Chanel Fashion Quote

Coco Chanel Courageous Fashion Quote

Hello beauties.  How goes it?! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was fast and furious as always.  Quick recap before I get to today’s Motivation Quote.  Took the girls to see Santa and it was drama-free lol  Wasn’t sure how Demi, the younger one would react but it was all good.

Also trying to start some Christmas traditions with them now that they’re old enough so thanks to my friend Rania, we got the girls “Elf on the Shelf.”  Will see how that goes.

Anyway, if you’ve seen any of my Monday Motivation quotes, you’ll notice that I’ve quoted Coco Chanel a couple of times.  She left us with a ton of rich content! Lots of great and inspirational quotes to choose from.  Today’s hits home.  There have been times and there are still times when we’ve all fallen into the trap of group think or moments when we suppress our thoughts, views, opinions, personality, voice, style etc. to conform.

Well, this is a great reminder that we should be individuals who think and speak for ourselves.  Not that you shouldn’t listen to the advice or opinions of others.  Listen, but think for yourself and be bold enough to express yourself and most importantly, stand by what you believe.  Let it be known and heard!  Coco Chanel is so right when she says thinking for yourself is the most courageous act.  Not to mention liberating!

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