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Note that I was given the opportunity to try the service for free While I tried for free I did purchase one of the dresses and the opinions expressed here are 100 mine

Hello beauties. Hope your March is going great so far. We are springing forward this weekend and I’m sure I’m not the only one counting down to Spring. Anyhoo, I recently tried a new clothing rental service called Armoire. If you’ve ever tried or heard of Rent the Runway then you’ll want to check out the best Armoire clothing service review right here! That way, you can compare and contrast.

Sustainability is one reason these clothing rental services are appealing to many women out there.

What is Armoire clothing rental service?

  • It’s a clothing rental service that’s perfect for the busy woman who doesn’t have time to waste on figuring out what to wear.
  • Also great for the woman who is over owning a closetful of clothes that never get worn a lot.
  • You can create an unlimited closet and borrow clothes for any occasion. If you love a piece and want to purchase, you can definitely buy it at a discounted price.

What makes Armoire different from Rent the Runway and other services?

  • They use algorithms and technology to figure out what works best for you, based on the profile you create and what you pick.
  • While Rent the Runway has that quickie 3-day rental timing, Armoire has an unlimited approach where you can keep the clothes for as long as you want.
  • Rent the Runway has sales and you can decide to buy pieces they include in their period sales. Armoire, on the other hand, makes it easy to purchase the particular item you rent plus! you can purchase at discounts that range from say 30% to even 50% off the retail price!

How does Armoire work?

Source <a href=httpsarmoirestyle>Armoire<a>
  • You create a style profile starting with basics like your height, birth date, dress size, top size, bra size etc.
  • If you’re pregnant, they give you the option of sharing the baby’s due date.
  • They also ask about the types of clothing you’d like and the occasion:
  • You then provide preferences on fit and such so they know your likes and dislikes:
  • They also serve up examples you can choose from so they can help you create the best closet options

How much does Armoire clothing rental cost?

  • Armoire offers monthly membership plans starting at $149/month.
    When you think about how much you spend on clothes every month AND think about the pieces you never really wear, AND how there’s a stat that says 80% of us only wear 20% of what’s in our closets, $149/month on clothes that you will most likely love and that you don’t have to clutter up your closet with, doesn’t sound bad.
  • In terms of pricing for Rent the Runway: they have a new customer special: 20% Off Your First Order or $99 Unlimited Trial Month.
  • After the trial period, you pay $159 per month.
  • So Rent the Runway’s unlimited service is $10 more expensive than Armoire’s.
Source <a href=httpswwwrenttherunwaycom>Rent the Runway<a>
  • Here’s a view of the Rent the Runway options:
Source <a href=httpswwwrenttherunwaycom>Rent the runway<a>

More on Armoire & Rent the Runway:

Interested in trying out Armoire clothing rental service?

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For more on Rent the Runway, check out this post here. If you have questions, feel free to shoot me a note at I’d be happy to answer any questions you have on either service since I’ve tried both.

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