How to Wear Snake Print to the Office


Hey! What’s up, what’s up, what’s up??! Finally thawing out after experiencing some really cold temps here in Maryland. All good though! Now, snake print continues to be a popular animal print and I’ve had questions about easy ways to wear snake print to the office. If you were wondering too, this one’s for you! Here’s how:

Wear snake print shoes

  • Invest in a pair of snake print boots [ankle, booties, tall, over the knee…], pumps, mules, flats or sandals.
  • You can then have the shoes be the statement piece of your ensemble.
  • Pair with a dress, pants, skirt or even jeans for a casual Friday look.

Some options

Opt for accessories

  • Accessories are THE easiest way to wear snake print to the office!
  • Try a snake print belt and cinch everything from tops to dresses, and skirts, done!
  • You can also invest in a bag if you’d like.

Some options

Wear a snake print top or jacket

  • Tops like blouses, tees, or even jackets are a great way to infuse snake print to workwear.
  • The trick is to balance it out with simple complements. What does that mean??
    • Less is more! What does that mean?
      • Try plain bottoms so for example, a non-print skirt or pair of pants, or even jeans so the top pops and your look doesn’t appear too busy.

Some options

Try a snake print bottom like pants or a skirt

  • Skirts or pants are another way to wear snake print to the office.
  • Again, be mindful of what you pair it with so don’t try to do too much.

Some options

Rock a snake print dress

  • I’m always a fan of dresses in general because you can throw on a dress and go!
  • Dresses are so easy!
  • Soo getting a snake print dress is a fun and easy way to infuse snake print into your professional work look.
  • Pair with nice dark colors like black or navy, a pop of color like red or mustard, or opt for neutral shoes in a nude or blush hue.

Some options

Here’s a quick recap

  1. Wear snake print shoes.
  2. Opt for accessories.
  3. Wear a snake print top or jacket.
  4. Try a snake print bottom like a skirt or pair of pants.
  5. Rock a snake print dress.

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Would love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know if you’re a fan of anything snake print.

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