How to Style a Mini Dress for every Body Type


Hey what’s up, what’s up, what’s up?! Hope you are doing great. Today’s post features how to style a mini dress. I’ve found that mini dresses tend to evoke different reactions. Some people hate them and think they’re not flattering. Others think they’re too short and not always appropriate while some ladies find them fun and flirty. Whichever camp you’re in, here are some very easy ideas to help you style a mini dress for Spring and Summer.

Style the mini dress with some flats

  • If you’re self-conscious or aren’t big on showing too much, downplay the focus on your legs by pairing the mini dress with some flats.
  • Think: flat sandals, ballet flats, slides, flat boots.

Dress is up with some heeled sandals and a belt

  • You can dress up a mini dress by pairing with heels.
  • Try heeled sandals, wedges or even flatforms if you want a little height but not too much.

Belt it for a more structured look

  • Adding a belt will help create structure so definitely consider cinching that waist, girl.

Wear a skirt over it for a professional office outfit

  • Did you know that you can wear a mini dress to work?
  • Yes! Pair it with a skirt!
  • I chose a sailor skirt here and completed the look with a pair of fun pumps.

Layer over leggings

  • If you prefer a more modest option, I’ve got you!
  • Wear the mini dress over a pair of leggings and you’re good to go.

Wear the mini dress with jeans

  • Jeans are always a great option for pairing with dresses. Even midi dresses!
  • So try pairing some jeans with a mini dress for a classy chic look.

For a fun girly look, pair with a tulle skirt

  • Tulle skirts or even crinoline can provide a fun option if you’re looking to try something different.
  • A-line skirts or circle/full skirts are also other options you can try.
  • I completed the look with a corset belt and some mid-heels.

Re-create these looks

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