Why you Must Try ThredUp

Hello beauties.  Happy Friday!!! Woo hoo!! And what a week! How was yours?? I hope you have fun weekend plans!! Anyhoo, I’m always excited to share sites, tips, tricks, sales and such with you because to me, that’s what matters! I had the chance to try out ThredUp so in case you’ve seen ThredUp-related posts on your IG feed and you’re like what is ThredUp?? Ponder no more lol I’ve got you! Giving you my take on why you should try ThredUp.  

It’s not for everyone but I’d say, it’s worth trying out at least once, to get a feel for whether it’s for you or nah.  I got a skirt and three tops from the site.  In today’s post, I’m showing you how I styled one of the tops for work.  The other items will be shared in future posts (stay tuned!) In the meantime, check out how I styled the pink ruffle top I got from ThredUp plus my review of ThredUp and some nice-to-knows! Okay, let’s go:

What is ThredUp?

  • ThredUp.com is a resale site where you can buy and sell secondhand clothes, accessories and shoes.
  • Love their mission: to inspire a new generation of shoppers to think secondhand first. B
  • The merchandise includes over 35,000 brands (Voice in my head=WOW!)
  • While you can definitely find designer items,  unlike some other sites, it’s not limited to designer-only items.
  • While it’s historically been an online site, ThredUp is planning to open 5 physical stores by the end of this year (Source: Fast Company)

work outfit pink top print skirt black corset belt Gucci bag Black Gucci Bag Curly Hair Black print skirt ThredUp Top Office Look

Why would you ever Shop Resale?

  • Glad you asked.  Here’s why:
    • Who doesn’t love the thrill of the hunt! Okay, if you’re not a fan of bargain hunting then this may not be for you!
    • The earth-friendly aspect of shopping like-new over new.
    • ThredUP is part of a larger Collaborative Consumption movement, which encourages consumers to live in a more collective, sharing economy.
    • You can also get 40% OFF your first order with the code “THRIFTY40.”

Do I have to Pay to Use it?

  • No! Completely free to use

work outfit print skirt ruffle top

Photos by Oscar Merrida

Is it Hard to Find Stuff?

  • It can be tricky as they have a LOT of items
  • I suggest you use those filters to easily narrow down.  Use the size, color etc. to save you some time!

Is it Easy to Return Stuff I Buy but don’t Like?

  • Yes ma’am! You’ve got options! If you go with 
    • A free shipping label: they provide the shipping label and your return shipping is free. Your refund will be awarded in thredUP credit
    • The $8.99 shipping label:  $8.99 will be deducted from your refund amount and thredUP will provide the shipping label. Your refund will be awarded to your original form of payment
    • No shipping label: no shipping label will be provided and you are responsible for shipping the item back. Your refund will be awarded to your original form of payment with no return fee deducted.

How do I sell My Stuff on the Site?

  • They make it easy! All you have to do is request a clean out kit and when it arrives, pack it up with the items you want to sell.
  • Send it to ThredUp and they’ll evaluate to determine if it meets their resale standards.

How do they Pay Me for Sales?

  • If your items are on-trend, in-season, in great condition and likely to sell quickly, they will pay you as soon as the items are processed! 
  • How cool is that???!
  • Now if your items are in great condition but happen to be items that take longer to sell, you’ll be paid when those items are sold.

 How much will they Pay Me?

  • What you’re paid depends on a few things: the original price, brand and type of each item.  
  • They have a Payout Estimator you can use to see what other folks have earned.

How will they Pay Me?

  • You have options! You can:
    • Get your payment via Paypal
    • Opt for store credit on ThredUp
    • Donate to a cause

Pretty pink sandals

What Happens if they don’t accept my Items? 

  • If the good folks at ThredUp don’t accept your items:
    • You can select “Return Assurance” when you order your Clean Out Kit from their site.
    • While they list consignment items for 84 days, they can be reclaimed 7 days after they’re first listed, up until 14 days after their listing window ends.

So! Does it sound like you’d be interested in trying out ThredUp? Sound off in comments below!

Also, thanks so much for dropping by! Don’t be a stranger! Be sure to check in this weekend when I share my thoughts on a movie I saw at a private screening this week complete with outfit deets and where you can get!

*While this post was sponsored, the views and opinions expressed are mine.

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Steal this Look:

Skirt: similar here; same here | Top: via thredup.com; similar here and here | Shoes: same here | Belt: old via Asos.com; similar here | Sunglasses: old; similar here