How to Style a Yellow Blouse for Fall


Hello beauties.  There are some days/weeks that are tougher than others.  When it seems like even the most basic of things or situations is a lot more painful than it needs to be! This week, my friend, has been one of those for me.  But I take comfort in the fact that it’s Thursday so that means the week is more or less done and I made it through without ending up on the news (and not in a positive way) lol Anyhoo, when I saw the yellow blouse and that burgundy skirt that I’m rocking in today’s post, both=a no-brainer for me! I got them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I scored them at a deal and I’m going to rock the hell out of them for fall, oh-kay?! What? Why didn’t I share? I sure did. I had a post here and here so you could get them at that discount! Don’t blame me for not getting while the getting was good lol. Read on for how to style a yellow blouse for fall:

Styling a Yellow Blouse for Fall (Workwear):

  • Don’t be scared! Play around with different colored bottoms!
  • I paired this lovely yellow blouse with a burgundy skirt, which may have been unexpected.
  • I completed the look with gold jewelry and accessories, including a gold belt.


Another Alternative:


  • Start with other colors that complement yellow such as green.
  • For fall, a nice, rich olive green would look great with a yellow blouse.
  • In terms of shoes, pair with leopard print pumps or boots for a fun look.
  • Complete the look with a leather or moto jacket.  Done!

yellow-blouse-fall-fashion6 yellow-blouse-fall-fashion7 yellow-blouse-fall-fashion8 yellow-blouse-fall-fashion9 yellow-blouse-fall-fashion13

Photos by Oscar Merrida

Outfit deets:

Skirt: Snagged @ a great price during Nordstrom Half-yearly sale:; similar:; | Top: Also a Nordstrom half-yearly sale pick: sold out on; similar:;  | Shoes: old via; similar:;  | Necklace:; use code TOKESTAKEONSTYLEXOXO to enjoy your first month free!

Inspiration Board & Alternatives: Yellow Blouse: | Olive Skirt: Plus:;; | Leopard Print Pumps:;; | Leopard Print Boots:;; | Faux Leather Jacket: for less than $40!!

Re-Create the Looks: