The 20 Best Easily Wearable Summer 2024 Fashion Trends


Hey what’s up, what’s up?! Summer is right around the corner and there are so many wearable Summer 2024 fashion trends. Here’s a roundup of the 20 best easily wearable Summer 2024 fashion trends to help you plan out your Summer outfits and vibe. Which of these are your faves? Let me know in the comments.

Check out these Fab 20 Best Wearable Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

1. Girlcore

  • Loving the girlcore trend, which is all about celebrating everything girly and feminine! Think rosettes, bows, ruffles, lace, and ribbons.
  • Corsets and bustier tops fall in this girly category too!
  • Whether it’s a pussybow blouse, tie-neck blouse, a shoulder-tie dress or top or even cute ballet flats with a ribbon detail, there are lots of ways to rock this trend.
  • Rosette details are everywhere! On clothes, accessories, shoes…So you can easily incorporate rosette/florals too.

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2. Sheer Layers

  • Sheer and transparent anything continues to have a moment!
  • A sheer skirt for example, has so many styling options and you can layer over shorts, pants, jeans…A jumpsuit – The pairing options are endless!
  • You can also opt for a sheer top, which you can layer with everything from tank tops to button down shirts.
  • The sheer trend is not limited to clothing items! Accessories with sheer layers are an additional way to try the sheer trend.

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3. Athletic Preppy including Tenniscore

  • You may have heard lots of references to tennis core: think pleated skirts and sneakers, cute mini tennis-style dresses. Zendaya’s Tennis flick: “Challengers” has helped fuel the trend.
  • You can easily incorporate the athletic preppy trend by rocking polo shirts, pleated skirts, track jackets, and button down shirts. 
  • Speaking of button down shirts, striped shirts are a must! 
woman in tennis skirt holding skateboard
Photo by Victor Terrell on <a href=httpswwwpexelscomphotowoman in tennis skirt holding skateboard 11338392 rel=nofollow>Pexelscom<a>

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4. Basics with a Twist

  • This is one of my faves because it’s all about elevated essentials: elevating every day pieces like a t-shirt, creating glam outfits from basics and simple pieces.
  • Pair foldover pants or a skirt with a tank top and kitten heels.
  • You can also rock a graphic tee with a flowy skirt.

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5. Head to Toe Denim

  • I personally feel like denim everything is timeless! But top to bottom denim is an “official trend.” 
  • Sky is the limit with this one: different shades of denim, same shades, different denim colors, for example white jeans paired with a blue denim top or vest…Lots of pairing options here so have fun with it, girl!

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6. Boho Aesthetic

  • This year’s boho chic trend comes with a modern twist and is totally doable by anyone. Think flowy tops, fringe, crochet and flowy skirts.
  • You can also do fringe jewelry and details such as fringe bracelets and necklaces…Fringe boots, sandals…these are all great options!

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7. Sequins, Shimmer & Shine

  • Let’s be real, everything shimmery and sparkly has been trending for a while now so in a way, I guess that’s good because chances are, you already have pieces sitting in your closet!
  • A great way to rock all that sparkle for daytime, is by balancing out the shimmer with more basic and simple pieces. 
  • For example, you can pair a sparkly top with jeans or a pencil skirt.

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8. Vests

  • Vests are one of my favorite overlooked pieces yet they are small but mighty when it comes to how effortlessly it can help complete a look.
  • Vest suits and sets are definitely going to be everywhere this season.
  • If committing to a vest suit or set is too much then you can invest in a vest that you can then mix and match with different pieces.
  • Perhaps a neutral option like a denim vest may be a great option since it will pair with pretty much anything.
  • You can throw on a vest over everything from a tank top, tee, button down shirt paired with a skirt, shorts, jeans or pants.
  • You can also throw a vest over a dress or jumpsuit too.
vest-shorts set

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9. All White 

  • White is always a seasonal favorite but this season, white dresses are coming in all kinds of fabulous forms and with fun details…oversized ruffles…3D flowers.
  • White suits, blazers and head to toe white ensembles are a must as well.
photo of woman standing
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photo of woman wearing white dress
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woman in white long sleeves top and white wide leg trouser
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10.Color Cornucopia: Popular Colors: Sky Blue, Peach Fuzz, Red, Orange, Marigold, Lilac, Blue, Millennial Pink, Brown, Shades of Green

  • The good news is there are so many it colors this Summer! Whether you’re going to ravish in hot red or keep it peachy in the Pantone color of the year: Peach fuzz…There’s something for everyone.
  • Shades of brown were a runway mainstay with lots of designers leaning into the darker tones like coffee.
  • Sky blue is also such a pretty and hopeful color that’s Summer-perfect.
black influencer-black-woman-green-bubbledress-silverbag-silveraccessories-silverbelt

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  1. This ain’t Texas but baby it sure looks like it thanks to the Cowboy Carter effect. All things Western are all the rage…Cowboy hats, boots…western stitching on dresses, tops…
  2. Pair cowboy boots with shorts or jorts [jean shorts] and a tank, done!

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12.Shorts and Short Shorts


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13.Modern Flapper [Gilded Fringing, Shimmery Head Pieces, Drop-Waist Dresses]

attractive woman in vintage outfit
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  • Anything goes here! Meaning you can try metallic clothing items or rock metallic shoes or accessories. Gold in particular is having a comeback but her sister metallic: Silver is still very much in season too.
  • The key to pulling off metallics is balance.
  • Balance metallics with neutral materials like denim, for example.

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15.High-Rise Pants & Low-Rise Pants

  • I love that there’s something for everyone here so if you’re team high-rise like I am, high-rise, high-waist pants are in. If you also happen to be team low-rise, you’ll be happy to know low-rise pants are also on trend.

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17. Leopard Prints


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18. Cargo & Utility Dressing

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19. Statement Belts

  • If you know me, you know belts are a year-round versatile accessory for me. So to my delight, statement belts are actually super trendy this season!
  • Whether you pair with a dress, jeans, pants, a skirt, jumpsuit, romper or shorts, there’s a belt for any of your Summer outfits.
gold-wrap belt-limegreendress

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20. Bubble’s Back

  • People either love or hare the bubble trend but it’s baacck.
  • I personally don’t mind it. You can try a bubble hem dress or a top or dress with bubble sleeves.
  • Handbags are also sporting the bubble shape so there are a number of ways to give this trend a try!

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