#MotivationMonday Fashion Quote: Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada Fashion is Instant Language Quote

Hello beauties.  How was your weekend?? Hope it was good! Mine was the usual fast and furious-paced one. Crammed quite a bit in but it was still good.  Just finished folding laundry and I’d say I’m proud I got to it given the baskets that piled up:-)

Alright ladies, today’s fashion quote is by designer Miuccia Prada.  No, a letter isn’t missing:-) In case you thought there was a typo.  No ma’am.  That’s the quote.

Love the simplicity of it: “Fashion is instant language.”  It is so true.  People can speak different languages and not even understand each other when communicating verbally.  But visually, through our style and fashion choices, we understand immediately.  We take it in and assess, come to conclusions about people based on how they are dressed, what shoes they’re wearing, how they’ve accessorized etc. You know it’s true!

As you leave the house today, what does your style or look today say about you?

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