#MondayMotivation = DVF Quote

DVF Attitude is everything quote

Hello beauties.  Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was filled with cooking, baking + laundry along with church on Sunday.  Also managed to squeeze in a mani-pedi and a photo shoot for the blog.  It was FREEZING this weekend in the DMV area! The wind on Sunday was something else! So was layers-friendly weekend.

Today’s #MondayMotivation quote is by one of my favorite designers: Diane von Furstenberg/DVF.  You’ll see me gosh over her every now and then:-) Bear with me when I do.

Love today’s DVF quote because as simple and short as it is, it speaks volumes! “Attitude is everything.”  How true! We can all relate to this in every facet of life.  There will always be tough days, rough moments, unhappy and unexpected outcomes, but how we choose to handle them, is key.  Our attitude will make or break us so I for one, love this reminder.

Here’s to a great day + week.  If you’re in the Northeast-Mid-Atlantic area, bundle up!

Thanks for dropping by! Don’t be a stranger, xoxo!!