Monday Inspiration – Coco Chanel Style Quote

Coco Chanel Irreplaceable Style Quote

Hello beauties.  I haven’t met a woman who doesn’t love Chanel products:) Even if it’s more of an aspirational brand for some of us, we all still love what that name, the brand, represents.  I think “lady,” “trail blazer,” “feminine,” “classy,” “chic,” just to name a few words that come to mind.  Coco Chanel gifted us with lots of great inspirational quotes and this one is a fave.

She broke away from the corseted trends of her time and made the casual chic look popular.  We don’t all have to be fashion house mavens to borrow a page from her book.  Let’s all aspire to be “different” in a good way this week!  Step out on the ledge, take a risk, try something new.

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