How to Style an Off the Shoulder Sweater

Hello beauties and Happy Christmas Eve!! Hope you’ve had a great week and are done with your Christmas shopping?! If you stopped by last week, you’ll see that I said I wasn’t done and I did a lot of clicking and swiping, girl lol I’ve also had to drop by some physical stores, which I hate! But I got it all done on Thursday, yay! So now I’m just waiting for the last set of packages to arrive in the mail today so I can wrap them.  Whew! Thank God for Amazon and Walmart when it comes to kids toys:-) Anyhoo, Christmas is my favorite holiday and I will be hosting family so I’m really looking forward to the bonding time.  And of course, the food! The holidays are not helping my healthy eating cause but that’s what January is for, si?! Alright gorgeous, read on for how to style an off the shoulder sweater.

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The Off the shoulder trend is not going anywhere anytime soon so if you’ve been fighting it, give it up! Women of all shapes and sizes look great in them so don’t be afraid to snag an off the shoulder sweater.  Side note: I’ve had the one I’m wearing in this post, for over 10 years! Yassss! SO sometimes there are pieces worth keeping because you know what’s old is always new again, at some point.  Anyway, here are some quick pointers when styling:

1. If you want to ease in, opt for a neutral color:
  • On the fence and aren’t exactly ready for bold and bright? no problem! Opt for a neutral color like tan or off white.
  • That way, you feel comfortable and not as self-conscious, which will help you wear it stylishly and confidently!

2. Style with a tank top for a work-appropriate look:
  • An off the shoulder sweater can be professional.  Simply rock a tank top or camisole under so you create the illusion of “straps.”
  • The other great thing is you can adjust the off the shoulder band as necessary so pull further up to hide more of your shoulders for work and then pull further down for happy hour/after work cocktails and dinner!
3. Pair with pants, jeans, leggings, a skirt or wear under a jumper dress or overalls:
  • They go with pretty much everything!
  • Talk about a versatile piece! You can wear an off the shoulder sweater from workday to weekend so it’s a piece that will help maximize what you have in your wardrobe, for sure!
4. Play with textures:
  • Think, pairing it with suede, lace or velvet bottoms.
  •  In this post, I’m rocking my (10 year+ old sweater) with a zippered suede skirt.
  • Try pairing with a velvet skirt or even a velvet jumper dress.
  • The different textures help richen the look.
5. Add extra oomph with accessories:
  • The off the shoulder itself already has a lot going on, what with the exposed shoulder and all. So you don’t have to do much to dress it up.
  • Add a brooch or pin like the one I chose in today’s post.
  • Choose shoes that add a pop of color or try prints.

 As always, thanks so much for dropping by and don’t be a stranger! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy it and the entire weekend! Let me know how you’re spending your holidays!

Photos by Oscar Merrida

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