How to not look frumpy in winter



Hello beauties!! How are you, darlings?!! Hope you’ve had a great week! Happy Friday!! My parents-in-law are visiting, your girl’s trying to cram in some last minute work stuff before everyone bails for the hols, and the girls are done with school next week.  That’s the New York minute version of what’s up lol Hope YOUR week has been productive and fabulous.  On to business! SO…Winter is more or less here lol Even though it’s not official.  This Northeastern arctic blast is no joke and the staying warm struggle is real, girl! However, I always say, winter doesn’t mean frumpy time, oh-kay?! You can still look cute under those cozy coats and I’m here to share so I’ve got you covered! Read on for how to not look frumpy in winter.

1. Rock a Skirt.   

Yes, it’s cold but you can still wear skirts in the winter time! The key is what you pair it with!


2. Say Yes to Patterned Tights or Leggings.

Tights/leggings don’t have to be boring.  You can definitely find cute, thick, patterned tights that are the perfect hybrid of functional & stylish!

3. Show Off those Sexy Ankles.

Your ankles are sexy, girl! Yes, they are! Oh yes they are! Stop rolling your eyes! Since you’ve taken #2 above and run with it=you’ve found some cute, thick, patterned tights, you can definitely find a skirt or pants with the right length, that will show off your ankles.

4. Try Cute Ankle Boots/Booties.

We sometimes think tall boots are the only option when it’s cold but again, once you find thick tights or leggings, you can opt for some cute ankle boots.


5. Be Bold with your Coat Choice!

I love me a good, cute coat that passes every test: functional; structured; classic; fun details…No matter your definition of “bold,” just make sure you take a leap and step out of your comfort zone! Hunh? What does that mean?? Try a bright coat color like yellow or a classic color like tan or olive with beautiful details like gold buttons, or even a timeless style like a military coat.

Don’t be afraid to belt your coat! If it comes with it’s own belt, the coat maker won’t take offense to you substituting the coat belt with one of your existing belts.

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BONUS: Belt!! If you’ve been here a couple of times, you’ll notice I’m a “belter.” I belt pretty much everything lol and I’m not ashamed to say so! Belt your outfit for a nice, structured look.  Trust me, a cinched waist can make any outfit! And it works regardless of your size or figure! 

I hope these 5 easy tips have been useful and have given you options to not look frumpy in winter.  Would love to hear from you!! What are some of YOUR tips and tricks for how to not look frumpy?  

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Have a great weekend!!


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Photos by Oscar Merrida

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Outfit Deets: Top: sold out via Mango; similar:  | Skirt:; similar: H&  | Boots: old via; similar:  | Belt: old via Asos ; similar: Neiman Marcus