How to belt a dress

Hey what’s up, what’s up, what’s up?! Hope this finds you well. Hello and welcome! I always say a belt is THE one accessory that every woman needs in her closet. It may be the best kept accessory in my book. Because there are some who think jewelry is THE one accessory. I think a belt instantly elevates any look so I’m excited to share how to belt a dress.

And this would apply to other pieces: a jumpsuit or a top, for example. Okay, scroll and get going already! You can also watch the video above.

Why belt?

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How to belt a dress

Opt for a thin buckled belt

  • Thin buckled belts are very easy to wear and are a great option to belt over a dress.
  • If you’re just starting out, opt for a color like black or a tan, which is a great neutral.

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Try an embellished wrap belt

  • What’s great about an embellished wrap belt is that wrap belts, by their nature, are great for any size.
  • If you’re just starting out with belts, I’d recommend buying a wrap belt dues to it’s versatility.
  • You can also wear different ways where you knot it to the front so it hangs in front.
  • You can also have the knot at the back so the front looks more like a cummerbund.

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Opt for a medium buckled belt

  • A medium sized buckled belt is another option for accentuating your waist.

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Wear a metallic belt

  • Perhaps one of my favorite belts ever!
  • A nice metallic belt adds a touch of glam to the most basic of looks.

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Opt for a wrap belt

  • Wrap belts are great for any body type so if you’re skeptical about belts, start with a wrap belt.

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Tie a scarf as a belt

  • Don’t want to invest in a belt? Try a scarf!
  • Yass! This is one of the easiest hacks ever.
  • Simply knot a scarf twice and let it hang, done.
  • You can also flip it and have the tied end at the back so the scarf is like a cummerbund.

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reasons why you should belt

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