Fall Fashion – Black and White


Hello beauties.  How’s your week going?? Mine has been fast and furious but I am not complaining at all! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already and speaking of “I can’ts,” heard a Christmas jingle on TV so had to look up.  Saw my very first Christmas-themed commercial!! LOL Loco! Anyhoo! I’m a huge fan of black and white outfits.  While a black and white ensemble is always classic and timeless, there are different ways to liven it up for fall.  Read on for fall fashion – black and white edition!

Start with the Details

  • I paired a white top with a sheath dress.
  • But it wasn’t just any ole white top! I opted for a white top with lace detailing.
  • The lace gives the top some oomph and immediately elevates the outfit.
  • You have other options! Think ruffles, bowtie tops, bell sleeves.
  • Those sorts of details can take what would normally be a simple “white top” to a different level.

Build on That…With Accessories

  • In addition to the lace top, I went with a layer of gold necklaces.
  • Gold jewelry, whether real or faux, puts a premium stamp on any ensemble.
  • Layering adds an interesting layer (PUN INTENDED) so think of necklaces you already have, that vary in length and get to layering, girl!

Finish with a Belt + Booties

  • I always say ANYONE can belt.  Yes, anyone! Regardless of your size.
  • Belts add structure not to mention they help define and cinch that waist.
  • While I opted for a black belt, you can go bold with say, a metallic belt.
  • Complete the look with a nice pair of black booties and you’re done!
  • Black booties give your look an unexpected edge and are a great alternative to say, a pair of pumps.

The Key to a New Twist on Classic Black and White:

  • Think outside the box beyond the typical/usual!
  • That way, you put a new spin on a classic:-)

fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties1 fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties2 fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties3 fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties7 fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties8 fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties10 fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties12 fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties14 fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties15 fall-style-lace-top-black-dress-booties16

Photos by Oscar Merrida

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Thanks so much for dropping by! Don’t be a stranger and stay fabulous out there! Here’s to a great weekend!


Outfit Deets:

Dress: sold out via Next.com; similar: 6pm.comNordstrom.com | Top: sold out via Express.com; similar: Under $25 at Saksoff5th.comNordstromrack.com; Forever21.com | Belt: old via Asos.com; similar: Vincecamuto.com; Asos.com

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