Fab Fall Fashion Finds under $50

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Hello beauties! Hope you’re having a great weekend!  Fall is my favorite season.  “Comfy sweaters, warm drinks, and pretty colors.  I love autumn!”  There’s just something about the leaves changing color to those rich shades of gold, orange, olive…that’s magical to me.  Not to mention pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider.  Side bar: still don’t know when Starbucks will add their popular pumpkin spice latte back to their lineup but I’m sure will be sometime in early September.  Okay, you get it, I love fall lol but on to business! One of the things people ask me all the time is “where did you get that??” or if I tell them I found a bargain, there’s always the “how?” or “where?” SO to that end, going to curate these fab fashion finds for you with items under $50.  Coming your way on Saturdays.  Check out the installment below of fashion finds under $50:

Clockwise: Block heels | Choker | Dress | Boots | Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top

Let me know what you think! See anything that caught your eye?? Enjoy the rest of your weekend and as usual, thanks so much for dropping by.  Don’t be a stranger, ok!