A Certified Cute Affordable Easy Work Outfit Idea

Hello beauties! Hope you had a great week! Lots of stuff at work so was a crazy busy one at my day job but it’s all good. It feels great out today so the girls are looking forward to getting out their bikes and playing outside.  What are you up to this weekend?? Soo today’s post is showing a very easy work outfit idea plus I’m including a review of hosiery that I received, courtesy of Carra Hosiery. I believe very strongly that looking good for work doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or boring. Stick with me and I’ll show you some tips and tricks.

Easy Work Outfit Idea: Pair the Following for a Fiercely Feminine Look

  • Long sleeve blouse (I chose a cold shoulder top that’s still professional enough for the office)
  • Pencil skirt ( Always a classic! Never goes out of style)
  • A pair of pumps (To elevate the plain blouse, opt for a pair of pumps with some flair/embellishments)
  • A nice statement necklace

Cold shoulder blouse and pencil skirt

Woman with blue Louis Vuitton Lockmeto bag

CARRA Hosiery Review:

  • CARRA Hosiery is one of the first hosiery brands with a built-in panty in all of its legwear.
  • What I love about their story is that the CEO & designer: Christi Hairston, started the company to honor her late sister’s legacy.
  • Also, they use fine fabrics and antimicrobial finishes to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • I received a complimentary pair of the “See my Seam” style and I absolutely loved it.
  • It has a thin black seam down the back, which exudes sexy! sexy! sexy! 
  • The hose is comfortable, soft and you don’t have to wear underwear if you don’t want to.
  • It also doesn’t run easily so it’s a great find.
  • Would I buy it? Yasssss and by the way, it retails for $15.99 on their site.  Get it here.

Bettye Muller Boucle Caitlin Faux Fur Pumps Lady with Louis Vuitton Lockmeto bag and Bettye Muller pumpsCarra Hosiery See My Seam Pantyhose and Faux fur pumpsWork outfit idea with Louis Vuitton Lockmeto bag

Photos by Oscar Merrida 

*While I received a complimentary pair of CARRA hosiery, the reviews and opinions expressed are all mine.

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Thanks so much for dropping by! What’s YOUR go-to work ensemble? Would love to hear from you, please! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay fabulous!