A Cute Affordable Date Night Outfit

Hello beauties! How goes it? How was your weekend?? Ladies, your girl has been MIA again, for a good cause! House is finally all packed up. Spent the night on an airbed, which means we successfully moved our all our stuff into storage.  I tried not to pull my hair out and can I be honest with you since you let me keep it 100?! Glad I didn’t end up on the ID channel lol My husband was on my last nerves! You know how it is when everyone’s stressed out and tense?! Yah, that was us lol

Anyhoo, it’s all good, thank God! Today’s my 40th birthday and I’m super excited about ending my 30’s.  Yes, girl! It ain’t a thing lol Thank God for good health and a loco but loving fam:) Will be sharing some musts before you turn 40 on the next blog post for today, let’s talk about how you can still sneak in a date night or night out with your girls before Summer peaces out.  Today’s outfit via Tobi, is the perfect affordable date night outfit and flatters ANY figure.  Check out deets below and let me know if you think this dress is a yay or nah! Also, heading to the Bahamas on vacay to celebrate my birthday so follow me on instagram=> instagram.com/tokestakeonstyle to see what the fam and I are up to!

YEP! Lipstick on the teeth lol

Cute affordable budget-friendly date night outfit Cute pink dress

Tips for a Successful Date Night:

  • Got Kids?? Yes?
    • Ok, try to spend some quality time with them prior to you hitting the town! So think taking them out for a fun activity, to their favorite restaurant, the park or hanging out doing whatever they love doing with you.That way, they don’t feel like you’re abandoning them or better yet, so you don’t have mommy guilt!
    • If you got a sitter for the night, discuss bedtime, dinner options etc. before you leave.  That way, you minimize the texts or calls about such details.
    • Make sure the sitter can reach you in case it’s an emergency though!
  • Wear something comfortable! 
  • Dress for the occasion!
    • If it’s bowling, jeans and a cute top will do versus rocking a cocktail dress:) So dress accordingly!
    • For a nice dinner or a drinks/dancing, a cute dress like the one in today’s post will work perfectly!
  • Be present! As much as phones have become appendages lol try not to let it distract you.
  • Resolve to have fun no matter what happens! How many times have we had the best laid plans and attitude! But then something happens along the way, maybe someone’s running late or you experience bad service at a restaurant or someone gets a parking ticket! Things do happen to derail and disrupt y’all but go out with that attitude of Dammit, I’m having fun tonight come what may! lol 

What to wear on date night

Cute fancy shoes with pearl heel Cute date night outfit Black blogger in pink date night outfit

Photos by Oscar Merrida

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*While I received this dress, courtesy of the fine folks at Tobi, the opinions and views expressed are fully mine.

Outfit Deets:

Dress: here, also available in olive and black plus Tobi is having a 50% off sale with code BH50, good ’til August 30th!; similar here  |  Shoes: here in beige for $44.99! and here | Belt: old; similar here | Bag: sold out via Asos.com; similar here | Sunglasses: here