5 Ways to Not Sabotage your New Year Goals


Hello beauties.  Happy Friday!!! The last weekend of the year, baby! Are you ready for 2017??! I’m so amped about the new year. Time to reboot, you know what I mean? What’s not to love?! From a blogging perspective, my biggest achievement in 2016 was getting 10,000 followers on Instagram.  I know, right?! It’s still surreal to me.  I say that because on September 8th, 2015, I had 104 followers.  So my dear ladies, nothing is impossible! I get discouraged sometimes but I’m going to let that inspire me as I think about my new year goals.  I hope you’re inspired and motivated too! Anyhoo, you know how we can sometimes be our own worst enemies? Here are 5 very easy ways to make sure we don’t sabotage those new year goals:

1.Set 3 New Year Goals.

Ever heard of the power of three? We tend to remember lists of three because they’re easy to retain. Now apply this to your New Year goals! Start small. Sometimes we try too hard! We have a billion resolutions we set…Okay, not a billion lol. Maybe more like over five then keeping up becomes a challenge. Start small and go from there. As we check off lists, we feel a huge sense of accomplishment and it inspires us to keep going. Pick three goals and set a timeline for each. This will help you maintain and stay on track.

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2.Write the 3 Goals Down.

Course you can memorize them but it’s usually best to write them down. When I say “write down,” typing countsJ So you can document them on your laptop or mobile device. Long as you get them down in a place where they’re easily accessible, all good!

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3.Choose an Accountability Partner or 2 or More.

An accountability partner is a fancy term for someone who’s got your back! Find a friend, co-worker, gym buddy, family member, church pal…Who can help hold you accountable. Having one means someone is on your side encouraging you and vice versa. I have an accountability partner for my fitness goals (Hey hey RS!!), another for my blog and styling goals (Shout out to TF!!) and lastly, one for my keep it sane at home goals lol (Whattup TO!!). What better way to keep yourself on track than checking in or having someone who can listen when you’ve had a tough time or who can help celebrate the little wins!

4. Be Optimistic!

There’s something magical about the holiday season. Once Christmas arrives, there’s this air of happiness and expectation. It carries right into the New Year and at that point, we are all on an optimistic high. We get the chance to start afresh, the slate is wiped clean and we can start allover so what’s not to love! Now prolonging and bottling that sense of expectation and optimism with that can-do attitude isn’t easy but start out saying “Yes, I can!” Let that be your affirmation for 2017 so hopefully, throughout the year, we see the glass as half full.

5. Pick a Theme Song.

You heard me. Pick your own theme song for the year and run with it! Find that song that uplifts and motivates you. The perfect kick ass, I can do anything I want to, song and have it ready to go whenever you need to remind yourself how you want your 2017 to go.   One of my get it done songs has always been Beyonce’s “Run the world.” It’s energetic and the ultimate girl power anthem, need I say more?!

Photos by Oscar Merrida

Would love to hear from you! What’s your go-to song when you’re trying to stay motivated??

As always, thanks so much for dropping by.  Don’t be a stranger! Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year and all you wish for in 2K17 and more!! Check out today’s outfit deets below.

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