3 Ways to Style a Classic White Button Down Shirt


Hey what’s up, what’s up, how goes it?? Was a loco week what with being sick and all, but feeling much better, thank God. Today’s post features 3 ways to style a classic white button down shirt. If you missed last week’s post, make sure you check it out as I covered 17 classic wardrobe essentials every woman needs, including the white button down shirt. Anyhoo, back to today’s post:

Ways to style a classic white button down shirt

Option 1: Style with a skirt

  • Pair a white button down with a black pencil skirt or even a flared or A-line skirt.
  • This is a total boss babe look and perfect for the office.
  • Of course, you can pair with a print skirt as well but a black and white combo is itself a classic look.

Option 2: Style with pants or jeans and a blazer

  • For an effortless look, pair with a pair of dress pants or jeans and a blazer.

Option 3: Style with jeans

  • A cute and casual option is to simply pair with jeans.
  • You can wear it tucked in or out.

Recreate the looks

Classic white button down shirts

Black pencil skirts

Tweed blazers

Boot cut jeans

A quick recap

A classic white button down shirt is such a versatile piece to style. Here are 3 very easy ways to style:

  1. Pair with a black skirt
  2. Pair with black pants or jeans and layer with a blazer
  3. Opt for a simple look by tucking in or out of jeans

As always, thanks so much for dropping by. Which of these 3 looks is your favorite?

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Thanks in advance and stay fabulous out there!