3 Tips for Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall


Hello beauties! Hope your week is going fabulously! So fall is slowly but surely making its entrance into our lives one day at a time. Though it is technically the autumn season, it is still taking a little time for us to transition to cooler weather. The nights get cool, but the days are still hot. That means our fashion senses are getting a little confused! It can be hard to transition that wardrobe from summer to fall when all you want to do is get out the over-the-knee boots and your other fall favorites as soon as you can.

But patience is a virtue. Until it’s actually cool enough to don your full fall wardrobe:

  • You’ll need to start slowly. Yeah, ease into it, my dear:-) The first place you should start is your own closet (Dress below is so old, you won’t believe how old it is, really, I’m serious!).
  • There are plenty of items you wore this summer that can easily be transformed into fall-appropriate outfits.
  • No need to go out and buy a ton of new clothes.
  • Instead, it’s all about mixing and matching your summer essentials and fall favorites to create a unique look that’s perfect for the current weather!

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If you’re not sure how to transition some of your existing wardrobe pieces to work for fall, below are three of my best tips for transitioning from summer to fall. You’ll be surprised how simple it is!

1.Say hello to outerwear

Nothing says “fall is here!” quite like the perfect outerwear that’s not too hot and not too cold. Light sweaters and breathable blazers are ideal additions to any outfit that needs a little something else to pull it together. Real Simple says that a tailored wool jacket can extend the life of sleeveless summer tops, and they recommend a blazer to layer over sweaters when fall is in full force.

2.Pants with everything

One of the trendiest pieces of clothing right now is the paper-waist trouser. In a variety of styles spanning everything from weekend-casual to workwear-win, pants should be your go-to pant for pairing with just about any top you fancy this fall. Editors at Lyst are showing skinny styles as well as wide-legged looks, so don’t be shy if you can’t choose just one pair. Pick a couple pairs in different cuts to rotate through the week and keep your style fresh.

Also, don’t be afraid to pair pants with dresses.  That dress you wore all summer long can be paired with jeans or skinny pants for a fab fall look.

3.Booties before boots

During the transition period from summer into fall, it can be hard to wait to wear those fabulous new fall boots you bought too soon. To bide the time and wear something a little more seasonally appropriate, cast your eyes to the timeless and ever-fashionable ankle booties. Huffington Post listed them as one of 10 transitional pieces to take you from summer to fall, and I definitely agree. They’re basic enough to go with just about everything, but because they’re closed-toed, you get the the feeling that fall is in the air.  For the not-too-cool days, you can also try open-toed booties and even when it gets cool, simply wear with socks and you’re good to go!

When you’re transitioning your wardrobe into fall, just remember to layer and have versatile basics on-hand that can transform any outfit from a summer ensemble into fabulous fall fashion.

How about you…What’s your favorite go-to wardrobe item for fall??

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As always, thanks so much for dropping by! Don’t be a stranger + be sure to check back on Saturday, October 1st (how crazy is it that October starts on Saturday!!!) when I’ll have part 1 of my fall lookbook video! Very easy styling options you’ll be able to replicate.  Also, see more looks to help you transition from summer to fall here and here.


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