Welcome to Tokes’ Take on Style!


Hello beauties! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, guardians, aunties, mothers-to-be, future moms, God moms out there! Hope you have a lovely day.  If you came by on Friday, you would have noticed the shift in the look and feel of the site plus the name change from “2lookbooks” to “Tokes’ Take on Style.”


When I started the blog last summer, it was actually supposed to be a partnership with a friend so we would both showcase “2 looks” since we have different styles.  That plan didn’t work out so I stepped forward on my own and made 2lookbooks work since I share both day and night looks=2 looks:)

As I worked with my coach/mentor this year, it became clear that I needed to re-brand using my own name since the blog is very much about sharing my easy styling tips with you and inspiring you to be adventurous with your own style.  Enter: “Tokes’ Take on Style.” I am also starting a Personal Styling Service so “Tokes’ Take on Style” embodies the vision for the blog as well as the styling service.

The More Things Change…

…The more they stay the same=Not much will change:-) But I’m very excited about the site designed by Sasha-Shae Shaw of Fresh Medley Designs.  My logo is still in development so looking forward to sharing that with you once it’s ready! The vibe board Shae created helps visualize my love of vibrant colors, fun prints, patterns and glam accents.

I hope you find the new site easy to navigate and enjoy it as much as I do! Would love to hear what you think!

Enjoy the rest of your Mother’s Day! As always, thanks for dropping by and don’t be a stranger!