for your Vacation

travel essentials

Packing for vacation isn't exactly the most fun activity out there.

However, it does help to know the travel essentials you need. Here are some that will make your next packing experience more efficient!

Portable mini fans always come in handy whether you're catching your breath from making it on the plane or trying to cool off as you tour your destination.

Mini phone chargers are a life saver when you're out and about exploring your destination and need to charge your phone.


This  portable tripod stand is perfect when you take to capture photos and videos on your own. It fits into medium and tote bags and extends from 11.4" to 60" in height.

A passport holder embodies the best of both worlds: cute and functional!

Hand sanitizer and wipes are never a bad idea to have handy to help fight germs.

Sunscreen is a must to stay protected in hot destinations or when traveling to warm weather vacation spots.

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