How to Style  T-Shirt and Jeans

T-Shirt and jeans are as classic an outfit as ever! Here are some easy ways to style T-shirt and jeans.

Layer a white tee under a tank top, sleeveless or strapless top in the Summer.

Blazers are best friends with t-shirts and jeans. Easy to dress up or down with pumps, flats or sneakers.

Graphic tees are a way to make a statement through style. Pair with skinny jeans and bright accessories.

Distressed jeans also look great with graphic t-shirts. Wear with heels and grab a clutch for drinks with the girls.

Don't be afraid to wear blazers in colors like pink. They look great with a white t-shirt  and jeans.

In cooler months, you can layer your t-shirt and jeans with a sweater.

When it gets hot, keep it simple but make it pop! Pair a white t-shirt with denim shorts and a pair of red pumps.

Wide leg jeans are a stylish classic that look perfect with a simple white t-shirt.

Embellished t-shirts are another nice option. Try a tee with statement sleeves for a little oomph.

In the Summer, you can also layer your t-shirt with a vest and pair with skinny jeans.

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