How to repeat outfits like a pro

There are many benefits to repeating outfits including saving and being sustainability-minded.

Here are some tips for how to repeat your outfits.


The key is mixing and matching! Take a top like this purple one, paired with a lilac shorts set.

Oh! Here's the exact same purple blouse with a pencil skirt.

Here, I've paired the same top with a different pair of shorts and blazer. I even switched up the shoes.

It's the same camel blazer but this time, I paired it with jeans and the same shoes!

And! Here's the same lilac blazer from before, paired with jeans this time.

This is the same pair of sequin shorts from earlier, paired with a different top.

The rule is don't be afraid to mix and match! That's how you repeat outfits like a pro!

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