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Mix Prints

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Mixing Prints

When done right, mixing prints is a joy to behold and when done wrong, it can hurt the eyes! Here's how to mix prints like a pro!

To keep it simple, start with 2 prints. See if there is at least one consistent color in both. If there is, congrats, you can go ahead and mix!

Mixing Prints

Here, there is black in both the tight pattern and dress print so it's a do!

Black is in the striped shirt and the dress so it's a do!

Navy blue is found on this blouse pattern and the shoe print so it's a go!

Black is present in these two prints so it's a yes!

Another way to mix prints is to pair variations of the same print. For example, try different colors of polka dots or small polka dots vs. big polka dots.

Mixing Prints

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