How to Belt  a Dress

Belts are the one accessory most women may not realize they need.


A belt makes all the difference though! Let's see how.

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Easy option:  A wrap belt

1. Place a wide part of belt in front 2. Criss-cross ends in front 3. Knot & tuck one end in

here's another way to style a  wrap belt

1. Wrap ends around the large band 2. Draw tightly 3. Tuck in back or knot in the back

wrap belts are great for all body shapes

You can belt over mini dresses

and make a great starter belt option

You can belt over A-line dresses

buckle belts are great too!

You can wear with mini dresses

buckle belts are great too!

You can also belt over sweater dresses

Here are some  Great Belt Options

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