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Fun Facts about the One-Piece Swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit was first introduced in 1918.

It reached down to the knee and was only meant to be uncovered right before you entered the water!

An Australian woman named Annette Kellerman is credited with being the inventor of the one-piece swimsuit.

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The one-piece has definitely evolved since 1918 and there are so many cute styles to consider.  Here are some ideas for you!

You can't go wrong with a solid color! Blue is always beautiful and you can pair with a nice cover-up too.

Speaking of solids, black is always classic and timeless! Add some flair by getting a belted suit.

Go bright! Find a bright color you are comfortable with and go for it, girl!

Get a print suit! This is a way to infuse some fun into your swimwear!

One-piece swimsuits are super versatile especially when they have cute details like ruffles. With this one, for example, you can pair with a cute flowy skirt.

Speaking of details, you can also elevate simple styles by adding body jewelry and layering with a pretty kimono.

Ruched styles are perfect for all shapes & sizes. Go beyond basic by opting for a shimmery or metallic color!

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