2022 Color Trends

Color is a big part of the 2022 style trends. Whether you're into earth tones, brights or sorbet colors, there's something for everyone!

Bright Color Trends

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Brights like yellow are having a moment!

Blue is another electric color that pairs well with a lot of colors or even denim.

Try different shades of green: everything from neon green to emerald green.

Purple is another bright that's both regal and vibrant.

Orange is another color you'll see everywhere! Combine with colors like blue or pink.

Sorbet Color Trends

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Soft sorbet colors bring to mind thoughts of ice cream and everything soothing.

Do combine neutral tones like this peach skirt with bright colors.

You can also pair neutral tones with prints.

Earth Tone Trends

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Earth tones are colors that are found in nature. Think brown, shades of brown like tan, golds, sage green.

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