10 SuMMER vacation essentials

Sunscreen is an absolute must and be sure to check out the spf level so you're prepared.



What's a great vacation without good reads?! Find a list of best-sellers and pick one, two, three or more books.

Good Reads


Fun sunglasses are one of the best vacay accessories! Yes, they block out the rays but they can also be that exclamation on a casual look.



Hand sanitizer is an important essential, especially when traveling with kids. Get a few portable sizes handy so you can stick in your handbag or tote.

Hand Sanitizer


These bags are great for helping maximize storage space in your suitcase when packing! What's a vacay without souvenirs, right?! Plan so you have space for them.

Vacuum Storage Bags


Masks are a must during these tricky times so make sure you stock up on masks for yourself and anyone else who may be traveling with you.



Nirvana is when cute meets function! For a beach getaway, wide brim straw hats well shield you from the sun and a foldable one is a plus since it'll travel well.

Foldable Straw Hat


What's a Summer getaway with cute swimwear?! Find swimsuits that you're comfortable in and grab a couple. You can pair with shorts or under a cute coverup.

Cute Swimsuits


Coverups can range from a button down shirt to a kimono or a cute dress or even flowy pants. Find something that works for you & maybe mix it up so you have options!



Comfy sandals are key so you're not worried about your poor toes and being out for hours on end! Find cute & comfy shoes and go out there and explore!

Comfy Sandals


Straw tote bags are great for vacay because you'll need a bag to fit everything in. A cute bamboo bag is great for fun nights out.

Straw or Bamboo Bag