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I’m more than a style consultant and personal shopper — I help:

  • Busy ladies transform into the confident and stylish boss babes they already are. Whether you're considering a makeover, personal shopping assistance, or styling support for an event you're attending or a vacation, I'm your girl!
  • Husbands & boyfriends find that perfect gift to wow the special ladies in their lives.

My goal is to empower women to put their best foot forward whenever they walk out of the house by remembering that style is a choice. When we look great, we feel confident! Life is crazy and hectic but we can look great, if we really want to.


Closetful of clothes but you struggle to find what to wear in the morning? Let's fix that without breaking the bank. Get your free e-series: 

"How to look stylish in 30 minutes."


Choose just the services you need, or pick from one of the three comprehensive packages 

Closet Evaluation

Get a second opinion about what you already have and we'll build a closet tailored to your needs.

Suggested Shopping List

I'll create a list of pieces you need or if we're gift shopping, I'll create a list of the perfect options to help you impress your recipient.

Style Consultations

We'll talk on the phone or have video sessions using Facetime or Skype so I can help answer any questions you have..

Digital Lookbook

I'll create links with pieces you can get to create that slayer look for day or night.

Personal Shopping

If you need help getting a gift or shopping for you, I'm your girl. Once I get details, I'll help find the perfect gift or pieces. 

Shopping Buddy

If you're a local client who needs in-store help, happy to be your plus one as I weigh in on what to get/not to get.

Curated Shopping Picks

Based on your personal goals, I will pull together pieces to create personalized looks for you.

Closet Organization Tools

If you need to get your closet together, I will provide the tools to help you turn things around.

Ready for a change but don't know where to start? Get your free download: "How to look stylish in 30 minutes."


"Tokes encouraged me to try new styles and colors out of my comfort zone. My friends and coworkers noticed the changes right away! So many compliments!! Thanks Tokes!"

-Berta C

"Tokes of TTOS has inspired me to try new pieces and colors for my work look. She’s encouraged me to be bold in my style while still being professional. Her styling tips (especially belting dresses to cinch that waist), always come in handy in helping me put together a look that is confident and work ready."

-Tomi O

"Tokes assisted with styling for my birthday photo shoot. She had great ideas and offered tons of outfit suggestions. She really assisted with bringing my vision to fruition for my shoot! I will definitely consult with her again!"

-Ronke O

"I absolutely love her incredible sense of style and creativity. This is my go-to for all things fashion and trends! Not only does she find unique pieces at affordable prices, you are guaranteed to find fashion tips for all shapes and sizes!! Love love love Tokes Takes on Style!!!!"

-Vanessa E

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."- Rachel Zoe 

What does YOUR style say about you?



First, I listen.

I’ll start with a free 30 minute consultation to better understand your goals and I'll answer any questions you have.  

Then, I learn.

Together, we’ll figure out which option works best for YOU.  

Lastly, you slay confidently.

We'll put a plan in action to get you looking and feeling like the confident woman you are! 


I’m Tokes Ojo-Ade.

Hey there! So pleased to meet you! I’m your very own stylist/style consultant and personal shopper, an expert at helping you pull together effortless looks that'll have everyone from co-workers, friends, family members and random strangers at the store or on the street dishing out compliments to you on a regular basis. My obsession is helping busy ladies look their best because when we look great, it really does boost our confidence. If you are too busy to shop or you think you want to switch up your work look but don't know where to start, you are absolutely in the right place! Let's get startedClick below to get your free download: "How to look stylish in 30 minutes."


Let's talk!

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