How to wear white after labor day

white after labor day

Hello beauties.  Happy Friday eve!! As usual, the short week was very busy! Packing in five days into four! But we are almost there so thank God for that! This week was crazy busy but I’m all about celebrating Thursdays lol so it’s all good.

Listen, have you ever had moments when you’ve felt discouraged or compared yourself to others? Could be a friend, colleague, class mate, family member, another mom, a neighbor…You get the picture.  As a baby blogger, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten discouraged…A blog post that didn’t get as much traffic to the site, a social media post that didn’t get as many likes or comments…Comparing myself to other bloggers and wondering why I wasn’t as good or when I’d grow to where they are.

When I get that feeling, here’s what I do:

  • Use a Lifeline a la Who Wants to be a Millionaire lol I speak to my hubby or call a close friend to vent and get encouragement.  There’s nothing like having your safe zone where you can speak freely and have someone who will listen without judgment!
  • Pray.  As humans, we tend to overlook what we have going for us! Instead of being grateful, we focus on what we lack and then compare ourselves to others.  Never mind that we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors or what the object of said comparison is dealing with.  Grass is always greener, right? Let’s water our own grass!
  • Read Affirmations.  When we get in that not-so-happy space, reminding yourself that you’re fearfully and wonderfully made to be uniquely you really helps.  So no use in comparing yourself to others.  Have a list of affirmations that are great picker-uppers and remind yourself that you are exactly where you need to be at this time on your journey.
  • Listen to Music. There is nothing like blasting an uplifting, upbeat, you’re tha song lol Instant mood booster!


On another note, do people still say “no white after labor day?!” Lol If they do, banish them! Ok, that sounds crazy lol so we won’t do that but we’ll give them the girl, bye wave.  Don’t be afraid to wear white after labor day.

Sarah_Silverman_To_Bernie_Or_Bust_You_re_Being_Ridiculous_At_DNC_7_25_16 (1)

There are lots of different ways to style.  Today, I’m showing a nice casual chic outfit that you can rock to brunch, lunch, dinner, movie or drinks out with the girls on a date night.  Did I cover all bases??  Ok, read on:

Easiest White after Labor Day Ensemble: White Jeans with Anything!

  1. Simply pair white jeans with a:
    • Long sleeve shirt
    • Tunic
    • Sweater
    • Dress
    • One shoulder top
    • Off the shoulder top with a sweater
    • Top with a leather jacket


white-after-labor-day7Photos by Oscar Merrida

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Are you a fan of white after labor day?? Would love to hear from you! As always, thanks so much for dropping by.  Don’t be a stranger and stay fabulous!


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